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I’m Ehab Mohamed, a Digital marketing freelancer and expert working between Dubai, UAE and Cairo Egypt, My specialties are SEO, PPC and Social media, and Website Development.

I wear many hats; Digital marketing freelancer and Digital Marketing Consultant, but most business leaders bring me in to get their sales moving in the right direction.

I’m a friendly, direct, and honest person who does what he does best: I work hard to get the best results for you. Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients big and small.

I’ve helped develop multi-channel marketing strategies, do website development work and managed digital marketing teams.

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My Experience

If you are looking for a Digital marketing freelancer who can ensure your online business obtains better results, I am your guy.

I have built online presence from scratch, led web development teams and managed large redesign and migration projects for big clients.

This experience allows me to neatly bridge the gap between Marketing and IT, something only a few marketers can say.

Web Design and management - 12 years
Graphic Design - 6 years
Social Media Marketing - 7 years
SEO - 7 years
Google Ads (PPC) - 6 years

Important insights

I’m a Digital Marketing expert and Consultant a Digital marketing Freelancer who can help you take your online strategy to the next level.

My digital experience includes SEO, PPC, Website Conversion, Content Marketing, Email, Social Media, Partnerships and Affiliates. I have also recruited entire digital marketing teams, each member with their own specializations.  You can expect a lot of knowledge from my teams to be passed down to your business.

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